Mexico Football Shirts

Look Timeless with the Mexico Football Shirt

Mexico is arguably one of the most exciting national football teams in the world. Having qualified for sixteen consecutive World Cups, Mexico has cemented its status as a first-rate team. Characterised by fast and exhilarating football, the team is respected by football fans worldwide. Whether youre a native fan in the stands at the Estadio Azteca or admiring from afar at home, you ought to have the classic Mexico football shirt in your collection. You can purchase your own shirt on eBay.

What should you consider when looking to purchase a Mexico shirt?

The Mexico squad have traditionally sported a tricolour pattern, consisting of the green, white, and red of the Mexican flag. As of 2015, the squad changed their colours to an all-black colour scheme. You should consider whether you want the classic tricolour or the sharp, new, all-black version. Its also worth thinking about the following :

  • Size: Mexico shirts come in sizes designed for men, ladies, and juniors.
  • Variation: There are three shirts available for purchase: The home shirt, the away shirt and the third shirt, with a different goalkeeper shirt for each kit.
  • Sleeves: The jerseys come in two variations: Long sleeved and short sleeved. If you live in a warm climate, you might find the short-sleeved one more comfortable.
  • Full kit: While the Mexico shirt is available separately, you can also buy it along with the full kit, which includes shorts and socks.
Can you purchase older Mexico shirts?

Yes: an advantage of buying through eBay is that you can find various old-school tricolour Mexico shirts available for sale. Therefore, if the new all-black kit isnt for you, rest easy that you can find a classic shirt with ease.

Is the Mexico football shirt good to wear when exercising?

Yes. Mexico kits are made by Adidas and feature their Climalite technology, which is outstanding for keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable while exercising. Adidas also make the current 18-19 shirts with 100% recycled polyester, so you can look sharp without harming the environment.

Is the Mexico shirt only available in a regular fit?

Yes. The shirts are available in both regular and slim cuts. Its worth checking the manufacturers website for specific measurements to get the most comfortable shirt for your build.

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