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Microsoft Wired Mice, Trackballs and Touchpads

Most computers are not much good without mouse of some description to interact with it. Microsoft wired mice, trackballs and touchpads offer a number of affordable and effective ways of getting the best out of your computer.

Wired mice

Microsoft Wired Mice have one major advantage over wireless mice; they do not require power. Saving on batteries and the inconvenience of your mouse dying when in the middle of work. Wired mice have been in use for a long time.

Having a good mouse that fits your hand well can make a huge difference. There are many styles of wired mouse, from the traditional two buttoned type, to those with extra buttons in the side and even gaming mice . Becoming more common are ergonomic mice , built to fit your hand perfectly and to hold in a more natural manner. These are designed to protect against RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Trackballs are mice with a ball on them that is then controlled with your thumb, saving you the need to drag your mouse about the place to move the cursor. These tend to be wider and flatter in design, better fitting the shape of the hand.

Microsoft Trackballs have a variety of buttons depending on the style of mouse. Though 2 buttons suit most people just fine, gamers and some types of developer may want extra buttons.


Touchpads can come as part of a laptop or as helpful additions to external keyboards. Some people prefer to use touchpads with a desktop computer and many other people use wireless touchpad keyboards to control tablets. In a similar vein to trackballs, these are operated with movements of your fingers rather than the whole thing.

Microsoft mice, are essentially universal working with any USB interface, meaning your Microsoft wired mouse will work with your home computer, your laptop and any office computer.

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