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Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines

Enjoy barista-style coffee from the comfort of your own home with a Miele bean-to-cup coffee machine. These easy to use devices are a must-have for those who love coffee as they make your favourite beverages in a matter of minutes. From built-in models to freestanding units, there are bean-to-cup coffee machines suited to every coffee lover. 

Built-in Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines

If you wish to keep surface space in your kitchen free, go for a built-in Miele bean-to-cup coffee machine. These are installed into the walls of your kitchen, sitting flush against the cabinets and creating a sleek and extra-modern feel. You can enjoy espresso, lattes or cappuccinos from a self-contained wall unit. 

These built-in bean-to-cup machines typically feature a range of handy features to make your life, crafting drinks and cleaning the machine easier. Miele's ComfortDoor system opens the front of the machine to expose the bean, water and waste containers. This makes cleaning or changing the water easier than ever. 

A handy OneTouch for Two function crafts two delicious drinks at once, saving you time and effort. You can also make up to eight cups of coffee in one container with the coffee pot function, perfect for when you have guests. 

Freestanding Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines

If you don't have the cabinet space for a built-in unit, go for a freestanding Miele bean-to-cup coffee machine. A freestanding coffee machine sits on any surface ready to use and can be easily moved or tucked away to free up space. At the press of a button, you can get delicious hot drinks. 

If you're after something with added convenience, keep your eye out for models with an auto descale and rinsing function. These handy systems reduce the amount of manual maintenance and ensure that your machine lasts longer.