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Miele vacuum cleaner bags

Make sure your Miele vacuum cleaner is as effective as it can be with Miele Vacuum cleaner bags. Changing the vacuum cleaner bag before it reaches the maximum capacity will improve the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner, ensuring you always get great results. Here on eBay, you can find a range of vacuum cleaner bags for your Miele vacuum cleaner in a range of pack sizes to suit your requirements. 

HyClean GN 3D efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner with the HyClean GN 3D cleaner bag. Even when vacuuming at a low power level the dustbag offers a high level of performance so you can still get great results. It also allows you to vacuum for up to 20 per cent longer before you need to replace the bag and has a perfectly secure fit. 

Miele LL dustbags

Miele LL dustbags filter 99.9 per cent of all dust particulars ensuring a high level of hygiene every time you vacuum. The secure lock and key connection directs dust into the bag which reduces dust emissions and due to the several filter layers dust that has been vacuumed cannot escape. If you ever need to open up your vacuum cleaner the bag will close automatically to stop dust from escaping when the bag is being replaced. 

HyClean FJM HyClean 3D efficiency

Compatible with a range of different Miele vacuum cleaners, the HyClean FJM HyClean 3D efficiency has an innovative infiltration system designed to reduce emissions so you can enjoy cleaner air. The slightest bit of airflow makes the bag inflate so you can vacuum for longer without having to change the bag. 

Miele Active AirClean filter

Great for pet owners, the Miele Active AirClean filter has an airflow impacting active charcoal cassette which absorbs odours from the dustbag keeping pet smells to a minimum. This vacuum cleaner bag also has a TimeStrip which indicates when the filter needs changing.