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Military Action Figures

Children, wargamers and military toy collectors all have a lot of choice when it comes to military action figures. With action figures available based on individuals of almost every conceivable rank, nationality and force, exactly the right figures can be found for every particular interest. Military action figures have been produced by many well regarded toy manufacturers, with quality parts, robust articulation points and detailed designs that reflect every area of the military.

WWI, WWII and modern war figures

The wide selection of military action figures available reflects a long history of warfare, including WWI, WWII and far more recent wars, battles and operations. Depending on the year which each particular figure is intended to represent, the uniform and any included accessories will usually reflect what was worn and used at that time.

Manufacturers vary in their historical accuracy as to the designs of theiraction figures' outfits. Some are designed more as children's toys with loose representations of their real life counterparts, whereas others feature highly detailed and accurate designs made more with the adult collector or wargamer in mind.

Popular brands and characters

Manufacturers who specialise in different types of military toys or models have all produced items worthy of consideration. There are many action figures to be found which are made by the likes of Dragon Models, Hasbro, McFarlane Toys, Palitoy and many other famous names.

For those who are looking for military action figures from popular ranges of characters, there are ranges available such as Action Man , Elite Force, GI Joe, Soldier Force, Ultimate Soldier and several others.

Modern and vintage military action figures

There are military action figures available for people of all ages and interests. There are modern action figures, with many being suitable for children of various age ranges and others being more suitable for adults to put on display. Vintage toy collectors will also find many highly sought after vintage action figures and some still even have their original packaging.

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