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Military Aircraft Model Toy Kits

Military aircraft model toy kits are a great way to bring your hobby to life. With hundreds of different models to choose from available from a variety of different brands, there’s bound to be a military aircraft model kit to suit you. These models can come as brand new and in the box or already assembled, giving you the pleasure of collecting rather than assembling.

The Airfix brand produces for both old and new aircraft. The Boulton Paul Defiant MK.I model kit lets you put together a classic plane from World War Two, whereas their BAE Harrier kit is a model of the relatively new harrier jet. For a more exciting kit, the Dogfight Doubles series features two planes used in a battle. The Bristol Beaufighter and Focke Wulf model kit lets you recreate the war in the air over Norway in 1945 - great for collectors and war enthusiasts alike.

Revell produce classic models, including the Spitfire. This model is truly iconic and a favourite among collectors. The F-4J Phantom II will add a modern touch to your collection, whilst the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk shows off the capabilities and prowess of a stealth plane.

As well as the models themselves, plenty of tools and accessories are available to help decorate and display your beloved creations. Paints from such renowned brands as Humbrol, to lend your Aircraft Carriers and Stuka dive bombers that realistic look.

Static grass and model buildings bring your dioramas to life. If you don’t fancy trying to freehand the emblems and insignias on the side of your vehicles, vast ranges of decals and transfers are there to make it easy. The limits when it comes to this hobby are only those of your own imagination.

If you’re even more of a traditionalist and enjoy working with wood, then balsa aircraft and matchstick buildings and ships pose a greater challenge and a more rustic payoff.

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