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Mini Laptops and Netbooks

Mini laptops and netbooks are the smaller variety of laptops, which are portable versions of desktop computers . They usually range from around 7 inches to around 10 or 11 inches at the upper end. These measurements are based on measuring the size of the computer's screen diagonally, e.g. from bottom left to top right.

Advantages of mini laptops and netbooks

With their smaller size, these machines are perfect for carrying around with you. You may be able to fit one into a handbag or rucksack, allowing you to access the internet or your important files wherever you are - even when travelling.

Due to them being smaller than a conventional laptop or netbook , these mini machines are lighter, enabling them to be transported more easily than their larger cousins.

Difference between a laptop and a netbook

Laptops are designed with a larger amount of storage capacity, so you can have your programs and files all stored on the machine itself. Netbooks are built without such a large amount of storage memory, being designed primarily for web access, which is where you would access your programs and files that are stored in the cloud.

Types of mini laptops and netbooks

There are many versions of these mini portable computers that are designed by familiar and trusted brands, including ASUS, Dell and Toshiba mini laptops . The main areas of difference in terms of the actual machines themselves will be in the screen size, memory capacity and processor speed.

Laptops and netbooks will feature RAM memory, which enables them to have several different programs open at once - the higher the RAM, the more capacity for this kind of activity. RAM for mini laptops and netbooks will generally range from 2Gb to 8Gb and higher.

Another measure of functionality for laptops and netbooks is their processor speed, with the higher the speed the quicker they will act. Processor speeds for mini laptops and netbooks will generally range from 1.3GHz to around 2.6Ghz).

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