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Minichamps Alfa Romeo Diecast Material Vehicles

The German diecast model vehicles manufacturer Minichamps, offers a range of diecast Alfa Romeo models in both vintage and contemporary styles of road and racing cars . The earliest vintage era model car in the range of Minichamps Alfa Romeo diecast material vehicles is a replica of the Alfa Romeo GP P2 - Alberto Ascari - Winner Italian GP: a racing car that was built in 1924. The range includes cars that were built up until 2010.

Diecast Alfa Romeo Minichamps models

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 in Milan. The company is known for producing luxury vehicles and has been a participant in motorcar racing since 1911. The range Minichamps Alfa Romeo diecast model is designed to celebrate the heritage and prestige of the Alfa Romeo mark.

Minichamps Alfa Romeo diecast collectibles

Minichamps Alfa Romeo diecast models are made to three different scales; 1:18, 1:43 and 1:64. They are suitable for children of fourteen years of age and over, but they are also collected by diecast vehicle collectors.

Minichamps is regarded as one of the world's leading diecast car model manufacturers and it aims to create highly accurate details throughout the Minichamps diecast vehicle range. Many Minichamps diecast Alfa Romeo models include moving parts, opening doors, bonnets and boots, engine details, authentic interior details, working steering and rotating wheels with life-like rubber tyres.

Minichamp diecast Alfa Romeo vehicles

Diecast model Alfa Romeo cars made by Minichamps are produced using the diecast manufacturing process. Diecast models are made from non-ferrous metals, often zinc, but also including aluminium, copper, pewter and tin-based alloys. The metal is melted and then forced at high pressure into a mould through a cavity. Computer technology is used to create moulds that are extremely true to their real life Alfa Romeo counterparts.

Other materials used in producing diecast Minichamps Alfa Romeos include plastic, rubber and glass.

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