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Minolta Vintage Cameras

Minolta came into existence in the 1920s and are now a popular brand of vintage cameras. The first cameras took roll film and they invented the first 35mm film camera with a built in flash. Having been on the cutting edge of camera innovation, Minolta is a great brand to collect or use if you're interested in vintage cameras . It's also a brand that's good value for money compared to leading brands without compromising on quality.

Minolta Pocket Autopak

One of the most unique designs of camera produced by Minolta in the 1970s was the Pocket Autopak. Being one of the earlier point and shoot cameras, it comes with a built in flash and a brightly lit viewfinder for framing pictures. It has an internal tele lens for long distances and a normal lens for portraits, so it presents a good range of shooting possibilities. The auto exposure allows real glass optics to help produce clear and crisp images.

Minolta SRT202 SLR Camera

This is an absolute classic for collectors. Made in the 1960s, the Minolta SRT202 SLR camera is a purely mechanical camera, which means that it is powered by the energy created by winding the camera film on. The clunking sound it makes as it takes a shot is very satisfying. It is handy for continuous shooting when charging a battery might be a problem. This is a great choice for collectors and everyday users.

Minolta X700

A 35mm film camera that's well regarded as a good introduction to photography. With a solid build quality, this camera was developed in the 80s and 90s, so it is likely to be easy to obtain in good condition. The quality of the optics is high in the lenses for this camera so expect good value for money. This camera has full manual controls and is a great camera for learning how to take good pictures.

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