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Improve Aesthetics with a Mirror TV

Plug a mirror TV into your cable box or indoor aerial and enjoy your favourite shows, even while relaxing in a warm bath. A mirror TV blends seamlessly with your decor, changing screens to display your preferred shows with a click of a button. Stylish alternatives that include multimedia USB for your bathroom, office, and bedroom are available on eBay.

Can you use a surface-mounted mirror TV on any wall?

Assess your wall before mounting the mirror TV in your bathroom or above your fireplace. Some are not strong in all places. When mounting on drywall find the studs within the wall and attach the TV to them. If you are thinking of mounting the mirror television above your fireplace, consider the fact that heat can shorten its life. Make sure the mounting brackets have been verified to hold a mirror TV of the size you have. Each mirror television may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Can you customise your mirror television?

Yes. Once you select the size of mirror, you can choose the type of frame you want. The speakers and other accessories will be hidden within the unit, offering the ultimate in sleek home decor. There may also be other customisation options available, so see the manufacturer's site for details. Whichever combination of features you ultimately choose, remember:

  • Framing does not affect the resolution of a mirror TV. You get clear 4K resolution with many brands that are available on eBay.
  • A bathroom mirror TV does not have to include a frame. A frameless design may be more suitable for your decor if you plan to place the unit above your bathroom vanity.
  • All the installation can be done for you, but most mirror TVs can be easily installed in your bathroom or office. If you select one with a frame, remember to take that into account while planning for space above a vanity, cabinet, or dresser.
What type of lighting is compatible with a mirror television?

When deciding where to situate the mirror television, consider the following:

  • Avoid extremely bright lights as it will cause glare.
  • Do not direct lights towards a bathroom mirror TV.
  • Natural lighting can be modified with blinds to enhance viewing.
  • When the TV is off, it reflects light like a typical mirror.
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