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Capture Your Moments with a Mitakon Lens

A Mitakon is a fast maximum aperture lens that has extra low dispersion elements and a high refraction element that is meant to reduce chromatic aberrations. This combination results in a sharp image and superb clarity. This manual focus lens makes it easy to focus an image, has smooth handling, and works well with video applications. eBay stocks a range of different Mitakon lenses, for a variety of cameras, at a number of price points.

What kind of cameras do Mitakon lenses fit?

The Mitakon MC Zoom lens is made for APS-C format cameras. These are mirrorless cameras that do not offer full frame sensors but crop sensors only. Compatible camera brands include Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. Before purchasing a Mitakon lens, check the manufacturer website for compatibility information.

How does the focal length affect the quality of the image?

A long focal length decreases the depth-of-field. This has an effect of throwing much of the background out of focus and allowing you to isolate the object of your shot and show more details. The width of the aperture partially contributes to this effect. For example, a Mitakon 50 mm 0.95 lens isolates an image better than a 12 mm f/4 lens.

What makes a Mitakon lens worth considering?

As well as a manual focus design, a Mitakon lens features a range of aperture ranges that have stepless control, and a very quiet focusing mechanism. These are to allow for uninterrupted audio when recording video. This lens also offers:

  • Build: Balanced focus and aperture ring resistance, as well as a smooth click-less f-stop adjustment.
  • Optical quality: Shooting wide open gives a dramatic focus fall-off.
  • Diaphragm: Multiple blades allow for better effects, including bokeh.
What other cameras features can help you get the best out of the lens?

Depending on your subject matter, a Mitakon lens can work with your camera to :

  • Focus peaking: This allows you to highlight the part of the object in view that you would like to focus. This increases the accuracy of the image.
  • Zoom magnification: This feature enables you to determine whether you are nailing the object by taking a closer look at the image on the LCD screen.
  • Shoot-without-lens option: This feature may have a different name in various cameras. It allows you to shoot with the lenses as if they were auto lenses, but each camera may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.
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