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Mitchell Saltwater Vintage Fishing Reels

With a strong fishing tackle heritage that dates back as far as 1832, the Mitchell brand (now part of Pure Fishing, Inc.) is based in France and offers a wide range of angling products. Thanks to a solid reputation for superior quality within the global fishing community, Mitchell saltwater vintage fishing reels remain a firm favorite among today's anglers who want dependable, long-lasting products.

Choosing a reliable saltwater fishing reel

Saltwater fishing covers anything in the ocean - from the coastline to the deep sea. Some of the most popular species for UK saltwater fishing include sea bass, pollack, mackerel and plaice. The type of fishing gear needed varies depending on the type of fish that is being targeted. For example; lighter specially designed bass rods are often combined with fixed spool reels for catching flatfish; whereas a telescopic rod might be used with a spinning reel to catch mackerel.

Saltwater reels: spinning or fixed spool

Fly-fishing aside, most saltwater anglers have a preference for spinning spool reels or baitcasting/multiplier spool reels. Spinners have a fixed spool mechanism that makes them really easy to use. They come in several different sizes and they're great for throwing lighter lures further.

Ideal for beginners, spinning fishing reels offer simplicity, affordability and low maintenance. Mitchell saltwater vintage spinning fishing reels are a popular choice for beginners as well as more established anglers using continental style rods, which tend to perform well with fixed spool reels.

Saltwater reels: baitcasting or multiplier

With a revolving spool, baitcasting or multiplier reels are more difficult to master than spinning reels, so they're popular with more experienced saltwater anglers. The adjustable spool allows greater casting distance and greater efficiency when reeling in. Mitchell saltwater vintage multiplier fishing reels are ideal for competent saltwater anglers who want reliable, high-performance gear.

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