A Mitsubishi Printer for Every Need

With advanced Japanese technologies that can apply vivid colours to a variety of materials, Mitsubishi specialises in producing quality printers for both commercial and medical use. eBay has a wide range of Mitsubishi printers listed online, offered to suit a variety of budgets.

What are the different Mitsubishi printer types?

Cognisant of the specialised needs of different industries, Mitsubishi produces several types of printers. They fall into the following categories:

  • Photo Printers: Mitsubishi has more than a dozen different models of photo printers designed for great quality printing that take up a small amount of floor space in your office or shop. They come in different sizes to suit your needs and can go into sleep mode to save a significant amount of energy, making them affordable to own. There are even printers specifically to automate passport photos.
  • Medical Printers: Professionals in the medical industry require fast high-quality prints of scans to effectively determine how to treat patients. Flashing LED lights on the front and an illuminated exit slot also make these clear to use.
  • Media Printers: Capable of printing lengths up to 51cm, Mitsubishi’s media printers are very versatile. They are capable of mass printing jobs on postcards, glossy photo paper, business cards, and can create perforated flyers with their internal cutters. The special ink ribbon protects the prints from discolouration and makes them resistant to water.
Are the printers equipped with wireless printing capabilities?

To enhance the level of integration, some Mitsubishi printer models can be connected to the internet. Users can connect to the printer via social media to print selfies of them interacting with your products and print jobs can be sent in wirelessly. They can also print photos from DSLR cameras that connect to the printer in less than 10 seconds, creating instant memories. Apart from being fun at parties, such printers can also print coupons, flyers, and posters to help build your brand.

What's different about a medical printer?

While some medical printers can only print text data onto fax paper, many models have dual use and can print both medical data and medical images. These images may include copies of X-rays and MRI scans and print. Some of the models in Mitsubishi’s medical lineup can print one image in as little as two seconds at 325 DPI quality for improved clarity.

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