What to Consider When Buying a 3 Pin USB Plug

Although all 3 pin USB plugs have a USB port and they all plug into the wall, they're not all the same. Which one you choose will depend on a couple of things, not least of which is safety. Using the wrong charger can fry your phone or even present a fire risk. eBay offer a wide variety of 3 pin USB plugs to suit every need.

What kinds of 3 pin USB plug are there?

USB wall plug chargers come in all kinds in all sorts of shapes, colours, and price ranges. Some can charge more than one item at once, although you should always be careful of overloading the wall socket, and there are also fast charge USB plugs available for devices that actively support fast charging. You should make sure that the mains USB plug is suitable for the device you will be charging with it, so see the manufacturer's site for details on compatibility and safe use policies. This will ensure that your phone or tablet is charged safely and at a reasonable speed.

Does the price of an individual plug make a difference?

In many cases, yes. Some items that are made and sold very cheaply contain substandard components. It's definitely worth spending a little bit more money to make sure you have a good USB plug that won't damage your phone or tablet, or present a potential fire risk. There are a few things you should always check for when purchasing a new 3 pin USB charger:

  • Look for the CE safety mark.
  • Make sure that the output voltage and the current rating match the device you will be charging.
  • Check that the plug fits into the wall socket without having to be forced.
Should you buy a separate charger for your vape?

Yes. Vape batteries have varying capacities and charging voltages, so if you need to replace the mains USB plug that came with your vape then you mustn't just plug it in using your phone charger, even if it is also USB. Doing so could cause your vape to stop working or even catch fire. Search for a mains USB plug that matches the vape manufacturer's specifications to avoid damage or injury, and never charge your vape overnight or leave it unattended while charging.