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Mobile Phone Camera Lenses

When you have a damaged mobile device, it can be extremely costly and a pain to replace the entire thing. So when it comes to certain areas of damage, such as mobile phone camera lenses, a better option would be to simply replace the mobile phone part that needs to be repaired.

Mobile Phone camera lenses vary greatly between different handsets. They are generally located in the same area though - on the back of the device, along the top - either in the middle or aligned to one side. Despite being designed to withstand daily use, these lenses can sometime become scratched or cracked if they come into contact with tougher materials or are dropped from height.

Many modern smartphones also have a front-facing camera lens. This one is on the front of the device, again somewhere along the top. Although a front-facing mobile phone camera lens may be integrated further into the device and therefore less likely to be damaged, it can still encounter problems and may need to be replaced in order for it to function correctly.

Choosing the right mobile phone camera lens

There are spare camera lenses available for a wide range of mobile phone models. When choosing to buy one, make sure it is compatible with the make and model of handset that you have.

As the camera lens needs to integrate with the inner workings of the device, they are all very different looking in design. Some are small and compact while others are fixed to other components of the handset. Your mobile phone model will determine how you replace the lens. For some it will be a simple swap, while with others it will mean also replacing some of the surrounding hardware so that everything connects correctly.

Once you have found the correct lens for your mobile phone, take care with the installation of it and check the effect that this modification will have in terms of insurance.

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