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Mobile Phone Car Charger for Sony Ericsson

There are a large range of mobile phone car chargers for Sony Ericsson phones available. These car chargers come with a range of different features depending on your specific needs so you can be sure to find just the right car charger for your device.

Features and benefits of mobile phone car chargers

Car charging devices make charging your phone quick and convenient through a simple USB port interface. This universal method means that you will be able to plug in virtually any brand of mobile or smartphone , providing you are using a USB connector on one end of the charging cable.

These car chargers also add to the convenience of charging your phone by simply plugging directly into your car's cigarette lighter, so charging your Sony Ericsson smartphone on the go couldn't be easier. As well as mobile phones, car chargers will support charging for other USB enabled devices such as tablets and many MP3 players.

Many car chargers come with multiple USB ports. This means you can charge up to several devices at once. Car chargers can be found to support as many as four devices simultaneously, which is perfect for large families going on long journeys. Everyone will want to use the car charger, now they can do it all at the same time.

A number of car chargers can be found with special cowling technology. This allows the car charger to keep cool and avoid overheating. Additionally, these car chargers typically offer highly efficient charging capabilities with some providing up to 90% higher energy efficiency compared to other products.

Wireless car chargers are another convenient option for keeping your phone powered up during your car journeys. These wireless car chargers double as phone holders that can be affixed to your car's windscreen. The wireless charging function is located within the holder of the phone charger itself, with many wireless car chargers utilising the QI wireless charging standard that is compatible with many modern smartphone models.

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