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Mobile Phone Car Charger for LG

LG is a global corporation and one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and smartphones . Keeping your LG device charged while you are on the move is simple with a mobile phone car charger for LG. There are many products available for different LG smartphone models.

To protect your LG smartphone from damage and avoid any electric shocks, you should always use an LG branded mobile phone charger or one that has been made by a reputable manufacturer.

Most mobile phone car chargers compatible with LG smartphones fit discreetly into the standard car power socket or cigarette lighter which is either 12v or 24v. They have single or multiple USB ports and are used with an LG compatible mobile phone charging cable.

Original LG mobile phone car charger

The original LG car charger is a basic car charger for LG devices. They are coloured black and automatically begin charging your phone once it is plugged in. An LED light signals when the phone is charging and the charger is designed to fit securely into the cigarette lighter socket. This LG mobile phone charger is compatible with most LG mobile and smartphones but it is important to always check compatibility with your device before choosing any product.

LG mobile phone car charger

The LG KG800 car charger is designed to provide optimal charging performance for LG compatible mobile phones. This mobile phone car charger reacts automatically to the battery's conditions and has an LED display to show charge status.

This LG mobile phone car charger also has four sprung clips to ensure the charger stays securely positioned in the socket. This 12-24V mobile phone car charger can be used in most vehicles and it can charge LG mobiles with Nicad, NiMh and Lithium-ion batteries. Other LG mobile phone chargers are available from reputable brands.

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