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Mobile Phone and PDA Chargers and Docks

When you're looking for mobile phone and PDA chargers and docks, it's first important to ensure you get the right make for your phone. Apple chargers are only suitable for Apple phones and other chargers may only be suitable for individual makes such as Samsung or HTC.

There are many options available when selecting how you want to charge your phone and this will often depend on how much you use your phone in a day.

Charging options

Most mobile phone and PDA chargers come with a USB port to connect to your phone, with a charger which is then plugged into a wall socket. This is a very common way to charge a phone, as it means it can be plugged in and left to charge anywhere in the house.

In-car chargers are designed to easily and safely charge your phone or PDA in your car. They usually connect to the cigarette lighter and can be plugged in if your phone charge is getting low or if you're away from home or on a long journey.

The other option is a battery power pack. These are suitable for those who rely on their phone and use it a lot during the course of the day, but may not have access to a wall socket. These packs are originally charged up via a wall socket. When your phone is running low they are connected directly to the phone to charge it up. Power packs are usually small enough to carry in your pocket.


Mobile phone docks are freestanding chargers which allow your phone to charge while sitting in the dock. The dock is then connected to a wall socket or they can be plugged into a laptop or PC via a USB ports. As the charging port on each phone is in a different place, it is very important to get the right dock for your phone.

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