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Mobile Phone Chargers and Docks for HTC

There is a variety of mobile phone chargers and docks for HTC smartphones that are designed to suit your specific requirements. The many manufacturers of HTC compatible mobile phone chargers have created chargers that enable you to charge your HTC phone in the car, at work, in your home and even when you are out and about.

HTC compatible phone chargers

Because the charging port on HTC mobile phones is generic, there are a number of universal mobile phone chargers and docks that are fully compatible with this device. Phone chargers that are compatible with LG, Nokia and Samsung devices should also be compatible with your HTC mobile phone, but you should always double check the model number of your phone to make sure.

HTC mobile car charger

Generic HTC phone car chargers fit neatly into a regular car cigarette lighter 12v or 24v power socket. These HTC compatible car chargers have a USB port and are usually supplied with a HTC compatible mobile phone transfer or charging cable.

Portable HTC mobile chargers and docks

HTC portable chargers are small devices that charge HTC phones, no matter where you are. HTC compatible portable USB chargers are basically lithium-ion batteries with extra technology that makes sure they provide a safe and reliable charge for your phone every time you use them.

Using a HTC Portable phone charger is easy. All you need to do is simply connect the phone to its charging at one end and the USB port on the device at the other.

Portable HTC mobile phone chargers are sold in different capacities. For example, some can achieve two full charges before they need recharging themselves, while others can achieve three or four. Portable chargers for HTC that can charge two or more phones at the same time are also available.

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