Portable Charging with a Cigarette Lighter USB Charger

USB car chargers improve the convenience of using mobile devices by making it possible to recharge them from your vehicle. A cigarette lighter USB charger fits into the lighter port in a vehicle to provide the user with a charger adapter. Find a variety of USB chargers on eBay that are compatible with different devices.

Do car USB chargers offer protection?

When you connect a smartphone, tablet or Mp3 to your USB car charger adapter, you should know if it will be safe. Car chargers are made with fireproof materials to protect users against fire hazards. A majority of chargers have a failsafe that stops the systems from charging after detecting that a device is full. Manufacturers also design cigarette chargers to with protections against:

  • Short-circuiting.
  • Overheating.
  • Overvoltage.
  • Over current.
Can you get advanced charging technology in USB cigarette sockets?

Yes, although you have to confirm that a cigarette lighter USB charger allows fast charging for a specific device. Various devices are equipped with fast charge features, which require adapters that accommodate the technology. However, the charging systems vary among manufacturers, so compatibility matters.

Do the dimensions of the charger affect usability?

Yes, because the clearance around the cigarette lighter port is limited. The dimensions of a charger will determine how much it protrudes once it is connected. A charger that is too long comes with the risk of accidental knocks when you move around the car’s interior. Ensure that the charger leaves sufficient space to charge devices without interruptions.

What should you consider in a USB car charger?

A slew of options is available when looking to convert your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to USB charger. Although they work the same, USB chargers don’t offer similar services. For a cigarette charger that suits your requirements, factor in the amperage. A charger should be capable of delivering the necessary output to charge your devices. The types of devices that you charge in your char will, therefore, determine the correct power supply. 2.1 and 2.4A mobile chargers are some of the alternatives. The number of ports on a cigarette lighter USB charger will dictate the suitability of a purchase. Ensure that the charger has enough inputs for all your devices. Most cigarette chargers are compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones of different makes and models. However, a charger can have exceptions, so check that before picking one. Check the compatibility of the charger with the vehicle as well.