Keep Your Device Nearby with a Mobile Phone Holster

Mobile phones help people stay connected to the network anywhere they go. If youd like to keep your phone close to you and be able to access it easily, you can get a holster. There are a variety of durable mobile phone holsters being sold on eBay.

Is a phone holster the same as a phone case?

It depends. Some phone holders can be an entirely separate product from a phone case. In this case, holders are generally roomy enough to accommodate even a bulky case. Other mobile phone holders can serve two purposes because they can also operate as a case. These items will snugly surround and protect a phone, and they may or may not come with a screen protector. On the back of the case will be a holster. This can go onto a belt, a strap, or a waistband.

What mechanisms do holsters use to stay secure?

The way that new and used holsters can be secured can vary. Mechanisms used for security include:

  • Clips: A clip made out of sturdy material like a hard plastic or metal can be used to keep the mobile phone in one place. A coil will usually ensure that the clip tightly grabs a surface. Clips can sometimes be removed from a case whenever you prefer to have a flat backing.
  • Buckles: Some holsters use buckles and adjustable straps to hold everything steady.
  • Loops: These are sewn into the back of the holster case, allowing belts to be looped through.
What other features can be found on a phone holster?

Each phone holster comes with its own advantages. Some features that you can find include:

  • Card holders: If you prefer to keep your gear to a minimum, you can stick your identification and credit cards in this type of case.
  • Shock absorption: Some of the holster cases are made out of extra-durable materials. For example, you can find cases with a rubberized interior and a hard, polycarbonate exterior that can protect a mobile phone in the event that it gets dropped.
  • Kickstand: You may be able to find a holster clip that can be fixed into a position that allows you to use it as a kickstand. This makes it easier to watch videos or to read information on your screen.
  • Large capacity: Some of the cases that you can quickly slip phones in and out of can come with extra storage. This could be ideal for holding keys, a slim wallet, and any other small essentials.