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Mobile Phone Opening Tools For iPhone 5s

If you need a mobile phone opening tool for your Phone 5S , it will be usually sold in a helpful and incredibly practical kit. Most of the mobile phone opening tools for iPhone 5S phones are sold as part of a kit of repair tools. They appear to be sold as kits for the simple reason that opening the phone is only the first part of the process of making any repairs and you will need some - and perhaps all - of the other specialist tools in the kit in order to achieve your ends.

In any event, repair kits that include the mobile phone opening tool for iPhone 5S are available in plentiful supply. One very popular kit for the iPhone 5S, which includes the opening tool, has 23 pieces. These include a double headed crowbar, forceps, a suction cup (for removing the screen), a Torx star screwdriver, sim card tray ejector pin, a T5 and T6 screwdriver, 3 Phillips screwdrivers (1.2, 1.5, and 2.0), 2 blue plastic pry tools, 2 blue plastic triangular tools, 2 scrapers, 2 nylon plastic spudgers, a double headed pry tool, a big face plastic pry tool, a wooden cleaning brush, a cleaning cloth, and a tube of adhesive.

A 72 piece kit

A company by the name of Acenix has a 72 piece kit for the iPhone 5S which includes the 5 star Pentalobe screwdriver for the new tamper proof screws on the Apple iPhone series of mobile phones.

Finally, another kit that you might find is compatible with various iPhones including the 5S has a smaller number of pieces. With this kit you get a Pentalobe star screwdriver, a Phillips crosshead screwdriver, a flat plastic crowbar, a silicone suction cup, and 4 safe pry/opening tools.

It is clear that whatever your repair needs over and above opening the phone, you are covered.

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