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Mobile phone Opening tools

It has always been indicated on the back of mobile phones that they should not be opened or tempered unless you're a professional. Obviously certain knowledge of mobile phone technology is required to attempt any repair. Even a professional would want to have the right type of mobile phone opening tools to facilitate their work. It must be noted that different types of tools may open one or another mobile phone, but there are tools tailor made for certain mobile phone models. There is a wide range of mobile phone tools to choose from depending on your specific need and the make of your mobile phone.

20 in 1 repair Tools Kit Screwdrivers

A set that includes 20 screwdrivers specifically adapted for iPhone 6 Plus , 5, and compatible for opening Blackberry, Samsung , and iPads. It can be used for performing operations such as replacing worn parts, fascias, and LCD screens. They have been conceived as precision screwdrivers perfect for the maintenance and preservation of the precise work. The screwdrivers feature anti-slip handles with magnetic tips. The rubber design allows you to handle comfortably.

LCD Touch Assembly Digitizer Screen Replacement

The replacement screen digitizer LCD touch display assembly for iPhone 6 has a set of tools for opening and replacing the iPhone 6 touch screen digitizer glass and LCD display. A cross screwdriver and a pentagon screwdriver can be obtained free of charge upon purchase of the screen replacement.

Screwdrivers for iPhone 6, 5, 4S, 4G

The new screwdriver for iPhone 6, 5, 4S and 4G tool kit has 25 in 1 opening tools and can be used for replacing damaged or worn parts, LCD screens, housings, or fascias. Depending on the provider, it usually includes a 12 month warranty. It can also be used with other models notably, Nokia phones , and Samsung S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6. Inside the kits are a variety of hexagonal screwdrivers, triangle screwdrivers, and pentagonal screwdrivers as well as a screwdriver handle and a slot eject pin tool.

The Precision Torx Screwdriver Set

The professional precision Torx screwdriver set and tweezers for mobile phones incorporates 56 in 1 tools that can be used for opening almost any type of phone. It allows you to repair LCD screens, replace damaged parts, fascias, etc. And is made of steel and an anti-slip plastic handle with magnetic tips

Necessary mobile phone opening tools

A mobile phone repair expert requires a set of tools that facilitates the opening and repair of mobile phone parts. Among the tools that are essential in a mobile phone opening kits are a set of screwdrivers of diverse types, opening tools specifically for mobile phones, tweezers, scratch tools, and suction cup or pump. A good opening tool kit will have at least one or more of these items.

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