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Mobile Phone & PDA Bike Mounts and Holders

For those who are avid cyclists, commuters or simply people who enjoy a leisurely cycle on occasion, mobile phone and PDA bike mounts are holders are a convenient way to access and use your phone when out and about while cycling. Having your mobile phone or PDA attached securely to your handlebars not only helps to keep your mobile phone safe, but it allows you to access your phone quickly in case of emergency.

Another benefit and use of mobile phone and PDA bike mounts and holders are that you can use your phone to display your navigation or route safely. You can also use your phone to capture your fitness tracking data using an array of different smartphone applications specifically designed for cycling fitness.

Types of mobile phone and PDA bike mounts and holders

As phones and PDAs come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to find the right phone holder for your phone to ensure a secure fit. You can purchase a bike mount and holder that is specifically designed to hold your phone models, such as an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7. If you use more than one phone or change your phone regularly, then it may be more beneficial for you to use a universal bike mount and holder as this is designed to suit all phone sizes.

Bike mounting types for mobile phone and PDA

There are many different ways to attach your phone to your bike securely. A clip or grip is common to ensure a secure grasp and to reduce the risk of the phone falling; these do not have to impact your phone during everyday use. A sticky pad or suction cup may leave a residue of mark on your device and will usually have to be taken off your bike when you arrive at a destination. Another convenient method to mount your phone is to use magnets which can be attached and reassembled quickly.

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