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Go hands-free with mounts and holders for your mobile phone

Kit your car out with a holder for your mobile phone or GPS so you can get yourself around town safely. On eBay, you can find mounts and holders for your Samsung as well as mounts for Apple smartphones, and also universal models that can be adjusted to hold any device. 

With your phone secured, you can take the stress out of your day and make the most of navigation tools and hands-free conversations on the go. 

You can also find phone mounts that can be fixed to your bicycle handlebar, so you easily can get navigation assistance when youre living life on two wheels. 

Choose from a range of mounting locations

Phone mounts with suction cups or sticky backings for the dash or windscreen allow you to find the perfect position for your device. Simply readjust and find the least obstructive position to suit different drivers. Some holders can be swivelled in different angles, so you adjust your device without having to move the mount from its secured position. 

Some holders clip onto the air vents, while others plug into the cigarette lighter for easy charging. 

Pocket-sized accessories

For a simple solution, pocket-sized suction cups and magnetic holders can be secured to the back of your phone. Take the grips off when not in use, or leave them on and let the backing double as a phone stand. 

Suction cups, magnets and more

Secure your smartphone with mounts and holders with suction cups, magnets or flexible alligator clips. Alternatively, place your phone in the slot which is provided by the sticky silicone phone holder. 

You can also find organisers which can be placed in your cup holders, so you can keep all of your essentials together. Place your mobile phone, sunglasses and drink bottle in the holder, so its easy to find your belongings at the end of your journey. 

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