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Mobile Phone Screws

If you were considering opening your mobile phone in order to undertake certain repairs or adjustments, you would be well advised to obtain a set of the appropriate mobile phone screws for your model before you begin. Mobile phone screws , by their nature are extremely small, and if you drop one or two while working on your phone you will be in considerable trouble. We are all very reliant on our phones nowadays.

Mobile phone screws come in sets designed for particular phones and may be Torx screws or Pentalobe screws. Pentalobe screws were first used on the Apple iPhone in 2009 and were designed by Apple, a number of manufacturers now produce the Pentalobe screwdrivers so owners can access the internal workings of the phone. Some of the screwdrivers are sold as "kits" containing Philips screws that can then replace the Pentalobe screws.

Understanding The Difference

When looking for mobile phone screws it might help to learn a little about the difference between Pentalobe screws and Torx screws. The screw is either Torx or it is Pentalobe: it can't be both. Torx is a six-pointed star shape and is often referred to as "stars" whereas Pentalobe is five pointed and doesn't actually have "points" as such. Pentalobe screws are generally only found on Apple products, although Huawei did use them on the Huawei P9.

Several suppliers offer the two bottom Pentalobe screws for Apple iPhones as a standalone product. These are available in black or in silver generally but sometimes they are available in a gold colour. It is worth having spares around by buying complete set just in case you do lose one or two.

It is also definitely worth double-checking the type used for your phone and then ensuring that you have the right screws and screwdriver .

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