Mobile Phone Solar Power Chargers

Mobile Phone Solar Power Chargers

For a convenient and responsible solution for keeping your power up on the go, at home or in the office, mobile phone solar power chargers are a great option. Theyre also an eco friendly alternative to traditional power sources to help keep your phone charged.

Whilst when they were first released many felt that they were a slow and clunky way to charge, but as technology has developed they have become an increasingly popular choice. They work by converting solar energy into electricity and an embedded solar panel stores the energy so you can charge your mobile phone whenever you need to.

Choosing a solar powered charger

There are many reasons that make using solar power to charge your mobile phone a viable option, including the fact that it is a sustainable and environmentally sound solution. Its a popular method with many people who are travelling or who holiday abroad and get plenty of sun as well as finding themselves on the go for long periods of time without an accessible way to plug in a conventional mobile phone charger.

When youre choosing a solar powered mobile phone charger there are a number of things to think about to make sure you decide on a product that meets your needs. Its often worth investing in a charger thats designed to work specifically with the make and model of your mobile phone. Whilst generic options are available, sometimes they dont work as well as branded alternatives.

Other factors include the surface area and size of the device. Some are quite large so if you need to charge on the move or dont want to carry around a bigger charger, you may need to look for a more compact option. Some options are handy pocket sized chargers where others are quite sizable and may even need to be folded up after use.

Finally, be sure to consider the specified charging time when youre buying a solar charger as this can vary a lot compared with conventional electric chargers. This can be affected by a number of things including the surface area of the device - smaller chargers may be slower to charge - the intensity and quality of the sunlight and the quality of the device being charged. Sometimes its better to spend a bit more and get a high quality device that will be more reliable and allow you to power up more quickly.