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Keep Yourself Comfortable and Covered in the Water With Modest Swimwear

People who choose to dress modestly for personal or cultural reasons enjoy swimming just as much as anyone else, but it may prove challenging to find modest swimwear on standard store shelves, which tend to stock skimpy swimming costumes. eBay takes the hassle of out of shopping for this essential component of modest fashion and may even help you to find a great bargain, too.

What varieties of modest swimwear are available?

Modest doesn't have to mean plain if you don't want it to. While classic black modest swimwear sets are always an option, many prefer to make more of a statement with their swimwear ensembles. On eBay, you can find this type of swimwear with a wide variety of fashionable attributes, allowing you to put together a look that suits your unique tastes. These attributes include:

  • Different colours: Any hue from navy to neon pink is available for you to choose from.
  • Different patterns: Whether you prefer stripes, lace prints, paisley or florals, there's no need to settle for solid colours if you had something else in mind.
  • Different styles: Some modest swimwear covers you from neck to ankle, but other versions may have capri-length or even short pants and sleeves.
How does modest swimwear fit and feel when worn?

Modesty isn't just about covering skin; it's often also about the fit of the clothes being worn. Modest swimwear is made with this principle in mind. These pieces are looser and more flowing than your typical skin-tight swimwear garment. Even with the extra fabric, though, they are still made to allow you to enjoy swimming without feeling encumbered, so they won't slow you down in the water. They also dry quickly, just as you would expect any swimwear to do.

How many pieces make up a set of modest swimwear?

Some modest swimwear options are just one full-body piece of clothing, although women's options will usually include a skirt sewn onto them to provide a suitable silhouette. However, most are comprised of two pieces: A long top and a pair of bottoms. This allows for more control over what is and is not revealed when the garment is worn. Some sets also include a headpiece to cover the wearer's hair. This part may be attached or unattached to the main garment. However, not all options include this extra detail, so if that's something you want, be sure to search for it specifically.

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