Scale Rocky Trails With Montesa Motorbikes

Montesa specialised motorbikes have small fuel tanks and are used for trials competitions and off-road motorbike racing. They are easy to maintain and store at home. eBay offers a range of Montesa specialised motorbikes in various conditions.

What should you consider when choosing Montesa motorbikes?

Before you choose a Montesa motorbike, you should first decide the type of bike you want. There are three types of Montesa bikes: Montesa trials bikes, Montesa enduro bikes, and Montesa motocross bikes. Montesa trials bikes teach balance, patience, mental focus, and hone your ability in picking lines. A Montesa motocross bike comes with a long-travel suspension that allows you to take jumps when the bike is moving at high speed. Lastly, a Montesa enduro bike is a modified motocross bike with effective silencing, lights, and a horn.

How to position your body when riding a Montesa bike

You can adapt to varying trail conditions and continue riding smoother and faster on your Montesa bike. Loosen up to allow your bike to move around beneath you and track the terrain. You can use your legs and arms like suspension and absorb undulations on the trail.

Are there maintenance requirements of a Montesa motorbike?

Yes. Although Montesa specialised motorbikes are undemanding, regular maintenance is still important. Change the oil at least every 1600 kilometres. Check the tyre pressure regularly. If your Montesa motorbike tyres are either under-inflated or over-inflated, they will wear prematurely. They will also be susceptible to punctures and affect the handling of the bike. Always keep your tyres topped up to the right pressure.

Montesa motorcycle models

There are various Montesa motorbike models on eBay. They include:

  • Montesa Cota 4RT: A machine that comes with a batteryless, fuel-injected four-cycle engine. Montesa 4RT engine is tuned for trials competition. It uses a longer stroke and smaller bore, while the cases have been shaped to keep the motor of this bike ultra-compact.
  • Montesa 4Ride: A sporty and stylish bike that comes with a twin-spar aluminium frame, 5-speed gearbox, and 4-stroke engine. It's light, easy to handle, and combines trials ability with the comfort and range of an off-roader.
  • Montesa 315R: A bike with a single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine and a weight of 73 kilograms. See the manufacturer's site for details of weights.
  • Montesa Cota 300RR: A race-oriented bike designed to increase power and reduce weight. It comes with a fuel-injected, four-valve four-stroke engine that features a flat-topped, 3-ring piston to boost efficiency and low RPM torque.