Morgan Classic Cars: Prestige, Glamour, and Vintage Charm

Acquire a degree of eccentricity when you drive around in your classic Morgan automobile. Morgan cars feature vintage charm coupled with powerful engines and are only produced in small numbers. Find a wide range of Morgan Classic cars on eBay.

How many models are there in the Morgan range?

Although Morgan four-wheeler cars have been built since 1935 with many vintages surviving as collectables for enthusiasts, the company still produces 850 cars every year. This model range encompasses:

  • The Aero 8 (Series I-V): This 4.8-litre BMW V8 version was unveiled in 2000. During its original production lifetime (until 2009), five official configurations were created with minor variations to the styling, transmission, engine, suspension, and braking. The model was relaunched in 2015.
  • Roadster: Successor to the Plus 8, this two-door convertible was introduced in 2004 with a Getrag gearbox and Ford V6 engine. Depending on the production date, power ranged between 223bph and 204bph. This model is also available as a four-seater.
  • Plus 4: A two-door convertible, production lifetimes of this model are 1950-1969, 1985-2000, and from 2005 onwards. With a front mid-engine and rear-wheel-drive, this is considered the ultimate 4-cylinder Morgan. Later Morgan Plus 4 models have a 2-litre Ford GDI engine and 5-speed manual transmissions. This model is also available as a four-seater.
Why buy a used Morgan car on eBay?

Morgan cars can only be bought new directly from the manufacturer and there is always at least a six-month waiting list. Buying a second-hand Morgan classic car from eBay, however, means that you can choose your preferred model and be behind the wheel within days or weeks, not months. As with all used car purchases, it is important that you check listings carefully for modifications and maintenance works, study photographs for any obvious damage, and ask the vendor for a full service history and other relevant documentation.

Characteristics of a classic Morgan car

Unless the car has been modified by a previous owner, Morgan cars are only available with petrol engines and manual transmissions. They are exempt from airbag regulations and the most common engine is a Ford V6. Characteristic construction includes:

  • Wooden framework: Each car is hand-made in traditional materials, usually ashwood, by skilled craftsmen.
  • Metal chassis: Available in either steel or aluminium, depending on the model and original client specification.
  • Interior comfort: Every Morgan shows its vintage-inspired Great Gatsby-esque spirit with accessories in wood and leather.
  • Traditional design: Most Morgan automobiles are custom-built from designs dating from 1930-1950, with the necessary adjustments for road-safety regulations and client requirements.