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About Moth Repellent

Moths can be a major problem in your household -- luckily, moth repellent can help with that. Allowing moths to live in your house can be harmful. They eat clothing items, especially sweaters and other thick materials. They lay eggs in your carpet, multiplying the number that lives in your house. Without an effective repellent, you can have hundreds of moths in your home. Many different repellents are available. Mothballs are one of the most common. These balls are made of cedar, which moths do not like. You can put the mothballs in your drawers, closet, or anywhere else the moths tend to stay. Another option is drawer strips that stick to the inside of your dresser drawers and keep the moths out. Sprays are another option to get rid of moths. All of these products are available on eBay. Moths are annoying creatures that can damage items in your home. Prevent your moth problem from getting worse by purchasing a moth repellent that will get rid of the problem.

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