Motocross Off Road Clothing Kits and Sets

Off-road motorcycling and motocross have grown ever more popular in recent years, thanks in no small part to such televised events as the Red Bull X-Fighters. With bikes large and small, this is a hobby being taken up by both young and old alike. But being a fast, frenetic motorsport, wearing the appropriate motocross off road clothing kit is vital to reduce the impact of any unfortunate falls and to keep your hobby fun and safe.

High-quality motocross off road clothing kits and sets, such as those from Alpinestars and Wulfsports, are formed from nylon and poly-fabric hybrids. They are also reinforced with Kevlar in key areas which is extremely durable and abrasion resistance, helping to reduce cuts and grazes. Certain kits and sets feature leather heat shield panels located on the inside of each leg for extra protection, durability and heat resistance.

Motocross is a very physical sport and you’re bound to build up a sweat, but luckily many motocross kits are built with moisture wicking properties, as well as antimicrobial coatings, helping to prevent discomfort and distraction. Look out for suits with mesh ventilation panels to help air flow, keeping you cool during the warmer months.

Certain motocross off roading clothing kits and sets come with a jersey, trousers and gloves. When looking for gloves, it is important to make sure they are well ventilated and highly protective. Gloves with mesh panels and air vents keep your hands from getting too sweaty to control your bike, whilst sturdy construction and rigid armour will help protect in the event of a fall.

Motorcross off road clothing kits and sets are available in a range of different colours, bold prints and bright designs so you will certainly find a kit to suit your style and keep you protected.