Motorcycle exhausts and system parts

Replacement exhausts and silencers for motorcycles can be chosen to improve both the running of the bike and change the overall look. For classic bikes, a used exhaust might give a more authentic look for a motorbike, whereas for newer models a brand new, in the box exhaust system might look better. Chrome and stainless steel are ideal for a shiny new look, while carbon fibre and darker metals are less likely to make a statement and allow other details of the car to be highlighted instead. Branded exhausts like the LeoVince race exhaust can offer a prestige finish to a bike. 

Project bikes

Fixing up a broken machine, or a just a bike that's seen better days, is often reliant on good quality second-hand parts, with exhausts being no exception. Finding a rust and corrosion free used exhaust is preferable as it reduces the repair work needed on the part before fitting. For stickler repairers, finding an exact match produces the most authentic result, whereas for ease many restorers are happy with compatible or replica parts. Custom made and fitted system parts are ideal for creating a particular design, with angled and bent options for precision styling. No mess high-temperature silicone sealant can produce a strong bond with maximum hold for fitting new system parts to a motorcycle. 

Universal exhaust systems

Although it's possible to find branded exhausts, universal exhausts can offer a simple solution to finding a part. Popular names such as Honda and Yamaha call be fitted with branded or universal parts, subject to the correct sizing, with 38mm to 51mm exhausts popular, as well as smaller and larger sizes. Removable silencers offer flexibility in fitting, as do quick fitting and removal systems, such as spring mounted exhausts. New lightweight and portable removable silencers offer a variety of options for noise deafening, often with space to add wool or noise absorbing debris inside.