Motorcycle Gloves

When riding a motorcycle, your hands are the most important part of your body. They can control speed, direction and braking as well as the balance in your upper body. As well as this, they are also one of the first parts of your body to hit the ground when in a crash. It is extremely important to keep your hands protected against high impacts. Motorcycle gloves are designed specifically for this purpose.


Some of the top brands such as Dainese, Alpinestars, Knox and RST have a variety of different styles of motorcycle gloves available, each with different features depending on what kind of riding they are going to be used for.

Racing and sport gloves are designed to give your hands and fingers maximum protection, usually through an exoskeleton, as well as giving them full mobility to manoeuvre during a race. Touring and urban gloves are generally thicker than racing gloves as they are designed for comfort, protection and warmth. Finally, cruiser gloves are like touring gloves, except for the fact that they are designed for the summer months, so they keep your hands cooler.


Generally, motorcycle gloves are made from leather. Many gloves have reinforced palms to give an extra layer of protection to your hands upon impact. As well as this, gauntlets are often attached to the wrist area of the gloves to protect them from injury as well as to allow cool air inside. Before purchasing, ensure you know whether you want short gloves or longer ones to protect your lower arm too.


An important feature many motorcycle gloves come with is waterproof material. Typically, when buying touring gloves, for example, you should check that they come with breathable, waterproof fabric in addition to insulating materials.

There are also heated gloves available for those who like to keep their hands warm during the winter months.