Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are specialist items of sporting apparel, which foremost protect the wearer during motorsports and motorcycling. Motorcycle jackets are available in men’s, women’s and unisex options and are produced by popular and iconic brands such as Alpine Stars, Dainese and Triumph.

When selecting a new motorcycle jacket your three prime considerations should be safety, style and fit. Your new purchase should be a snug fit with your usual clothes worn underneath. It pays to remember that most are made in durable leather, which will ‘give’ with wear over time.

Motorcycle jackets can also be manufactured in breathable denim and textile options, which will also offer a certain degree of protection while keeping the rider cool. Most leather motorcycle jackets have either a full or half-length zip running about the circumference of the waist, allowing for the addition of leather trousers.

Safety standard

Motorcycle jackets are very often safety graded to a European standard and will state that they have CE (Certified European) Armour. This indicates that areas such as the jacket’s elbows and back protector meet a satisfactory standard of limb protection. This extra level of protection is designed to shock absorb and keep the wearer unscathed in the event of a rider sliding down a road during the unfortunate event of any accident.

When considering what jacket to buy, check that the armour will sit right on your body frame and doesn’t dig in when you move your arms.

Made for the ride

To gain the best level of protection and practical benefits a jacket has to offer a motorcyclist should select a jacket to match their riding style. All will offer varying levels of protection, from high to low and be both waterproof and windproof, with some including removable thermal linings.

Racing and Sport jackets are cut in a ‘race crouch’ position, with pre-curved arms and seams and are often emblazoned in the manufacturer’s sporting logos. Comfortable Touring and Urban jackets are of a looser cut and have multiple pockets inside and out. Cruiser jackets are a traditional biker jacket design classically made in leather.