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Motorcycle Rain Suits

The weather can be pretty unpredictable at times and motorcyclists who ride regularly will inevitably get wet, therefore having a motorcycle rain suit is an invaluable accessory. Water can soak into both leather and textile gear, making them uncomfortable to wear when it is raining.

Most motorcycle rain suits can be worn over normal motorcycle gear and they are designed to be waterproof and very easy to take off and on as required. They come in a variety of styles with varying features, which depend on your personal needs and taste.


Motorcycle rain suits are made to fit over the top of regular riding gear, with zips to make them easy to get in and out of. As well as keeping the rider dry, they are designed not to be restricting in any way that might interfere in how the motorcycle can be controlled. In addition to this as rain can act as a lubricant, motorcycle rain suits come with a panel or are specially coated to provide friction with the motorcycle seat to prevent you sliding off when at speed.


Motorcycle rain suits are waterproof, generally with taped seams to prevent water seeping through, and some may have a special coating to provide additional protection. They are designed to prevent the buildup of moisture on the inside as well.


In wet conditions, it is essential that motorcyclists are very visible to other road users despite the rain and spray. Motorcycle rain suits come in fluorescent colours or with reflective stripes or patches to ensure visibility is at a premium on the road.

One or two piece

Very much a personal preference, but a good one-piece rain suit provides all over protection in rain despite being a bit bulky to pack. Two-piece rain suits provide better flexibility as you can leave one garment at home if not required and they tend to be easier to pack down.

Whatever the elements may throw at you, motorcycle rain suits help to ensure riders stay dry and remain comfortable whatever the conditions they are riding in.

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