Motorcycle Trailers

All-Weather motorcycle trailers

Motorcycle trailers can be used to transport motorcycles or any additional gear you may need. Here on eBay, you can find motorcycle trailers from brands such as Schuring, Monogo, Eagle Craft and American Legend. The trailer you choose will depend on your bike size, your car engine capacity and how many bikes or additional equipment you need to transport. You can find smaller trailers that can transport 1 bike up to larger 3 capacity trailers

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

Enclosed motorcycle trailers are available in various sizes. They cover the motorcycle completely and they are readily available with a range of features. This can include side doors, ramps and locks. These are most suited to those who plan on storing their bike overnight in the trailer and they are also ideal for those who need to travel across long distances. 

Open Motorcycle Trailers

Open motorcycle trailers are very convenient. These trailers come in a variety of sizes and they can fit between one and four motorcycles. When purchasing this type of trailer, it is important to have the proper tie downs as they do not come with the features required to secure the bike. 

Speciality Motorcycle Trailers

Speciality motorcycle trailers are for those who want to have a stylish method of transportation. They are available in custom builds and they are also available in commercially manufactured designs. They are normally enclosed however it is more than possible to find models that are more open in terms of their construction. 

Pull Trailers

Trailers can be attached to the back of a motorcycle. They are ideal for transporting one bike via another and they are usually made out of stainless steel. Additional ropes are required for fastening the bike down, and only one bike can be transported at any given time. When the bike is being transported, it is not protected by the elements however a motorcycle cover will do the job to some extent. The pull trailer you choose will depend on the weight of the bike being transported.