Motocross Off Road Trousers

When you’re riding off road it’s important to ensure that all of the clothing you’re wearing plays its part effectively when it comes to safety. When investing in a new pair of motocross off road trousers, take care to ensure that they will offer all the necessary protection as well as matching the rest of your motocross wardrobe so you can stay comfortable, cool and protected when out riding.

Here on eBay, you will be able to find a wide range of new and secondhand motocross off road trousers from some of the largest brands including Wulfsport, Alpinestars and O’Neal. Motocross trousers are available in a variety of different colours and designs, all offering a high level of protection for both professional and leisure off roaders. Stay comfortable, cool and protected in motocross off road trousers.

Motocross off road trousers are typically constructed from poly-fabric or nylon and certain trousers are coated in PU for additional strength. Look for trousers with reinforcements on the seat area and leather inner leg panels for heat and abrasions resistance.

To increase your performance opt for trousers that are lightweight and have ventilated mesh for breathability and airflow. Trousers with stretch panels increase comfort, fit and flexibility so you can easily move around on and off your bike. For added protection, opt for trousers with knee padding.

If you regularly ride in wet conditions make sure you go for trousers that are waterproof so you always remain comfortable regardless of the weather. Look for waterproof trousers that are also breathable to prevent overheating. Certain styles come with an adjustable venting system so you can control the airflow depending on the weather. Other waterproof off road trousers feature a zippered expansion flap protected by an outer layer so you can keep the elements out whilst also allowing airflow.