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Things to Know Before Buying a Motorhome with a Garage

A motorhome is a convenient way to see different parts of the country — but if you want to take a vehicle or a motorbike along, it often requires a cumbersome towing setup. That’s where motorhomes with garage space come in handy. These models feature built-in spaces for storage; that way, you can carry extra gear without towing a vehicle or pulling a trailer.

Common types of motorhomes with garages

As you go to choose a motorhome with a garage for sale, you’ll find a variety of styles, including:

  • Rear garages: A rear garage opens from the back of the motorhome; it might feature two doors that swing open or a roll-up door. In some cases, a motorhome with a rear garage comes with a pull-down door that flips out from the base of the motorhome and doubles as a ramp. This is a useful option if you need to load in small off-road vehicles, golf carts, or motorbikes. Sometimes, rear garages feature two levels to maximise the storage space. If you have a compact car, you can even find motorhomes with garages to fit; these are often low to the ground to reduce the ramp distance.
  • Side auto garages: A side-mounted auto garage is usually located in the centre of a motorhome. It’s usually low and compact and engineered to fit very small cars. These models often feature decks that extend from the motorhome, allowing you to drive the car into position. Then, a heavy-duty lift retracts the deck back into the garage.
  • Compact side garages: If you need to carry a motorbike or other small gear, a compact side garage is a great option. It’s built into the side of the motorhome on one or two levels. Th
When should you buy a used motorhome with a garage for sale?

Motorhomes with garages often have high price tags when you buy them new; a used model can give you a significant discount. As you’re looking at a used motorhome with a garage, the functionality should be your top consideration; this is particularly true for a campervan with a car underneath. Ensure that each part of the garage works as designed, particularly when it comes to the lift and the door. It’s also a good idea to check into the condition of the engine, the interior, and the state of the frame.

How can you choose a motorhome with a garage underneath?

As you consider different models, use the following steps to narrow down your options:

  • Pick a garage type: Select from side car garages, a motorhome with motorbike storage, or a model with a rear garage.
  • Choose a motorhome length: Pick a motorhome in the length that fits your family and your gear.
  • Select a transmission: Pick from manual, automatic, and semi-automatic transmissions
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