Moving Blanket

Removal, Moving, and Transit Blankets to Make Moving Safer

Protecting furniture during a move can be stressful, but removal blankets can make the process easier. The blankets provide added protection to keep furniture from banging together during a move and help prevent damage from taking place. Choosing the right removal blankets on eBay is easy once you know which features are important.

How large should the blankets be?

Choose blankets that are large enough to cover the items that you plan to move. Take measurements for any furniture that you need to move so you can be sure the blankets can fully cover it if needed. You want to be sure that any areas that jut out from the furniture can be covered, to prevent them from banging into other pieces that are being moved as you transport them from one place to another.

How do you use the moving blankets?

You can use removal blankets in several ways:

  • Between furniture - You can use the blankets by placing them between pieces of furniture so that they don’t bang together. Drape a blanket between the furniture and then secure the furniture together with a ratchet strap or packing tape.
  • Secure the blanket to the furniture - You can also wrap furniture with the blankets individually. Use packing tape to secure the blankets so they don’t fall off during the move.
  • Wrap breakables - You can also use the blankets to protect breakables. You can place the blanket in a box folded and then place breakables between the folds to keep them from being damaged or broken.
Can the moving blankets be used multiple times?

The blankets are durable enough to be used again and again. Wash them between uses to ensure that no dirt or debris is transferred onto furniture during the next move. The thick, durable design allows the furniture blankets to be strong so they don’t easily rip or tear. The blankets aren’t waterproof though, so keep them stored out of the elements if you want them to be able to be used multiple times.

Are the removal blankets heavy?

The removal blankets that can easily be found on eBay are designed to thick enough to protect furniture, but light enough to avoid adding weight to the items that are being moved. Once theyre wrapped around a piece of furniture, you more than likely cannot even tell that any weight has been added to the items.