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Music Theory Books & Media 

Music theory books are a vital purchase for anyone wanting to learn an instrument. From beginners to advanced players, there are a wide selection of music theory books which will help you to learn more about your instrument, music theory, and ultimately help you improve as a musician.

Types of music theory books

  • Instrument specific – These theory books are often tailored to help musicians pass music exams, and offer specific training and guidance on what is required to pass each exam. Music theory books will be instrument specific and available in increasing levels of difficulty allowing the musician to purchase a book suitable for their ability
  • General music theory – Teaches about aspects of music theory which are more general and not always instrument specific. General theory books are a great way to improve your overall knowledge of music no matter what instrument you play
  • Song books – Though not primarily designed to teach theory, song books offer a great way to learn your favourite pieces of music and help give you a greater understanding of how they are played. Song books are available for a range of instruments and cover all genres of music

Benefits of owning music theory books

  • Become a better musician – The ultimate aim of music theory books is to assist you in becoming a better musician. Music theory books provide an additional dimension to your learning which can accompany music lessons
  • Focus on specific areas – There are many highly specialised music theory books available which focus on teaching specific skills and aspects of music theory. This is an excellent way to challenge yourself to improve specific aspects of your playing
  • All abilities catered for – Music theory books are available for all abilities. Increasing in difficulty, they offer a learning curve designed to help you improve at a steady rate
  • Play along – Many music theory books now come with CDsallowing musicians to hear examples and in some cases play with backing tracks
  • Selection of genres – Music exam theory books will usually cover many different styles of music, teaching you about the theory behind different genres. There are also books available which cover specific styles enabling you to focus on your favourite music.
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