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NECA Terminator Action Figures

NECA stands for National Entertainment Collectibles Association. The company is huge and produces licensed products from a wide range of very popular franchises. The Terminator franchise is one such example.

For fans of the Schwarzenegger embodied cyborg, along with Sarah Connor and the other characters featured in the films, NECA Terminator action figures are a great, fun choice and will look fantastic on display too. Collectors of toys and film merchandise will also love the Terminator action figures which NECA have created.

Various Terminators and other characters

Amongst the range of NECA Terminator action figures, which are made in the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick and other actors within the iconic films, are various T-800s and T-1000s. These come in different versions with a variety of looks, as well as differing weapons and accessories.

There is even a T-800 Endoskeleton figure, which looks incredibly impressive. There are also NECA Sarah Connors to be found, along with those in the likeness of other popular characters, such as Kyle Reese.

NECA joints and points of articulation

NECA make high quality action figures which feature highly flexible and easily moveable parts. Many of their Terminator action figures contain 25 or more points of articulation with strong and durable ball-jointed limbs. These joints and points of articulation allow the figures to be put into all kinds of different poses and positions, perfect for an ever changing Terminator themed display.

Changeable heads and other body parts

Some NECA Terminator action figures even come with different replaceable heads, as well as other alternative body parts such as hands and forearms. These can be used, along with any included weapons and other accessories, to create endless variations in how the action figures look. With the excellent NECA articulation and joints to play with as well, there are a huge number of choices for how to display or use these action figures, with accurate recreations of scenes from the films being an exciting possibility too.

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