Enjoy Revitalised and Moisturised Hair with Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin uses special formulas to create products for thinning hair. The Nioxin shampoo is one of the treatment options that focus on improving hair resilience and strength. On eBay, you will get a broad selection of Nioxin hair care products, including shampoos that are made for different types of hair.

Does Nioxin shampoo contain silicones and what are their roles?

Yes, several Nioxin shampoos and other hair care products are made with ingredients containing silicones. The compounds are used in different products to condition and strengthen the hair. Silicones prevent hair damage caused by heat and add shine to the hair. Detangling is a big advantage of silicones as it helps control frizz, making hair easier to comb. Check the ingredients of your preferred Nioxin shampoo to see if it has silicones.

Which technologies does Nioxin use in its shampoo?

Nioxin uses five proprietary technologies in its six systems. BioAmp is the technology that boosts the shaft diameter of the hair from inside the cuticle using glycoproteins. The Scalp-Access Delivery System gets rid of toxins from the scalp, including DHT. It also delivers micronutrients and antioxidants. The SPF 15 included in the formula helps with sun protection. Activ-Renewal regenerates the scalp to give it a more youthful appearance. Glyco-Shield protects the scalp while strengthening the follicles. The Transaction Delivery System is created with vitamins to prevent the build-up of DHT and environmental residue in the scalp. Different systems will have customised combinations of these technologies, depending on which type of hair they target.

What is the Nioxin 3D Care System

You can get Nioxin shampoo as a 3D kit. The three Ds of Nioxin's hair treatment are Density, Derma, and Diameter. The manufacturer blends three technologies to create products that offer an inclusive treatment for thinning hair. Nioxin's 3D system is inspired by skin care, which requires cleansing, moisturising, and treatment. Various product lines are sold as a three-day system that includes:

  • Cleanser: This is the shampoo, which you have to massage into the scalp gently. It eliminates DHT and dirt to prevent clogging of the follicles.
  • Scalp Revitaliser: This is the conditioner, which the user applies after cleaning and leaves it on the hair for 1-3 minutes. Besides conditioning the hair, it moisturises for a healthy look while protecting the scalp from chemicals.
  • Treatment: The treatment is applied directly into the scalp after towel-drying the hair. It is for strengthening hair and giving it a fuller look.
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