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Upgrade your Manicure With Stylish Nail Stickers

A new manicure can make you feel put together, and with all the different styles of polish available, you can match just about any outfit. If you've ever wanted to personalise your nails a little more but not spend all day doing it, nail art stickers could be your solution. With the different types of stickers available ranging from standard nail designs all the way to Christmas nail stickers, there are thousands of ways to customise your new set.

Using nail stickers you can find on eBay

How you use the new or preowned nail stickers depends on the type you buy. Some are as easy to use as peeling them off and placing them on the nail while others require a bit more care. Water decals can be placed on painted nails after being soaked in water. Some nail art is used as a nail wrap, which covers the entire nail. Some nail art is made out of gel and may last a little longer. Regardless of the process, most stickers last the longest when sealed with some kind of topcoat. Before you begin, be sure to follow instructions for the ideal results. Some nail stickers come as a kit and offer everything you need, such as topcoat, polish, and files for the perfect manicure along with different sets of stickers to use in a variety of designs.

What types of nail stickers are available?

There are a variety of affordably priced nail art decals in many styles and colours. Some tend to be more complicated to apply than others, so you may want to think carefully about which type you want to start with. Here are some types to think about:

  • 3D nail art: This nail art adds some dimension to a flat manicure with plenty of stylish designs.
  • Nail wrap: These cover the entire nail with solid colours or trendy designs.
  • Water/transfer decal: These decals need to be soaked in water and applied to freshly polished nails.
  • Metallic: These decals add a classy shine in different shapes.
  • Self-adhesive: Like a classic sticker, you peel it off and stick it on.
Are there themed nail art stickers available on eBay?

Absolutely. Holidays, seasons, and celebrations are some of the prime times to use nail art stickers. With a quick search, you can find checkered nail stickers, arsenal nail art, and Christmas nail art stickers. Nail art isn't just for fingers and can just as easily be used on toes. For toenail designs, a palm tree is a classic choice for vacation or summer months. Regardless of the event, you can express your style quickly with nail art.

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