Experience More Detail with Naim Nac A5 Speaker Cable

Naim Audio are renowned for producing high fidelity audio components, and the Naim NAC A5 speaker cable is a high-performance 4 mm speaker cable that is designed to provide the ideal capacitance and resistance for Naim Audio amplifiers. You can find Naim NAC A5 speaker cable on eBay at affordable prices.

Is this speaker cable only suitable for use with Naim amplifiers?

This 4 mm speaker cable is a high-quality, low capacitance, low resistance cable that is designed with Naim amplifiers specifically in mind. Naim NAC A5 can also be used with other amplifiers that require a low capacitance speaker cable.

  • Capacitance: Up to 20 picofarads per metre.
  • Resistance: 25 milliohms per meter.
  • Gauge: 2 x 4 mm.
  • Available in white or black.
Do both lengths of speaker wire need to be the same length?

Even if one of your loudspeakers is closer to your amplifier than the other, it is important that you use equal lengths of speaker cable on each channel. This is because the resistance of each cable is determined by its length. If you use one cable that is longer than the other your speakers will each have a different impedance, this will result in your amplifier having a different load on each channel. Naim recommend a minimum cable length of 3.5 metres.

Why are good quality speaker cables important?

Good quality speaker cable ensures that all signal frequencies reach your loudspeakers with as little degradation as possible. To minimise degradation as the signal travels from your amplifier to your loudspeakers, manufacturers of high-end speaker cables use exceptionally conductive materials such as oxygen free copper. C10100 grade oxygen-free copper is purified to achieve a 99.99% purity and an oxygen content of just 0.0005%. This material has an IACS conductivity rating of at least 101%.

Should you use speaker plugs to achieve a good connection?

Resistance is the primary factor that affects the sound quality of speaker cable. Since resistance can be negatively affected by poor quality connections to the amplifier and loudspeaker terminals, most Hi-Fi manufacturers recommended the use good quality speaker plugs. Naim’s proprietary twin 4 mm bananna plugs are coated in a specially developed high conductivity coating, the plugs are perfectly spaced to match the binding posts on Naim amplifiers and pair perfectly with Naim NAC A5 speaker cable. For loudspeaker terminal connection, use high-quality gold-plated banana plugs.

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