Name Stickers

Name Stickers

Name stickers are a very simple yet entirely effective way to make busy lives organised. Durable and easy to use, name stickers can easily help you keep track of your belongings. Name stickers are a relatively cheap and affordable way to identify your items.

They are quick to apply, easy to stick on and very durable, meaning that you can wash them without fear the stickers will come off. By naming items, not only can they be identified easily as belonging to you, but also if they are left behind it will be clear who it belongs to and easier to be returned.

Why use Name Stickers?

Spend less time in lost property at school! Name stickers are a great way to keep hold of your childrens belongings without them disappearing off elsewhere. Children forget and lose items all too easily, so name stickers are an easy way for parents to quickly identify them. Ideal for belongings in schools, nurseries, after-school clubs and sports environments, name stickers are quickly applied so your childrens shoes, drinks bottles, books, stationery, toys and sports equipment can be easily identified.

Name stickers can also be helpful for older kids off to university and want to label their items in the fridge, and are also useful for elderly parents who may be going into a care home and need their belongings labelled.

Designs and Styles

There is such a huge range of fabulous, colourful and waterproof name stickers to choose from, almost all of which will withstand the dishwasher, steriliser and microwave. You can find name stickers in different sizes from small ones ideal for labelling pencils to larger ones ideal for shoes, boots and bigger items. They come in a variety of shapes, and you can customise the text as well as choosing the background and text colour and font style. You can have motifs on the name stickers as well and some come with images you can decide upon too.