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Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

Nerf is a toy company currently owned by Hasbro and originally created by the Parker Brothers. Most of the toys in the Nerf range are weapon based and fire projectiles made from Nerf foam. Nerf products stand out from other toys in the same genre, with bright neon colours and unique features that make them a popular household name with children (and adults) of all ages. These guns can be used by individuals for target practice or by groups in competitive play.


Nerf guns typically fire 7cm darts that are made of Nerf foam. They are soft, with a slightly weighted plastic tip to give them balance and velocity. Other projectiles for specific models of Nerf gun include Nerf foam disks, Nerf foam pellets, Nerf orbeez-style water pellets and water.


The impact of a Nerf projectile varies depending on the firing speed and power of the Nerf gun. Some are suitable for children from the age of 5, such as the Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster, which comes complete with 6 Nerf web darts. Other are suitable for older children only as they have features such as rapid fire and high velocity darts. The Nerf Rival range, in particular, are recommended for ages 14 and over; they fire high impact foam pellets at approximately 30mph and are available in either red or blue, to encourage team combat games.


Nerf have created a wide range of accessories, both for fun and for safety, to go with their Nerf guns. For those purchasing high-velocity guns, Nerf Elite Tactical vests provide a great way to carry extra ammunition into battle - and to offer a little protection against fast-moving projectiles; Nerf safety goggles are available too and are advised for fast-paced outdoor combat.

Nerf Bullseye targets or Zombie targets provide a great way to practice accuracy and firing speed, a Nerf target pouch doubles as a target and a great storage facility and of course dont forget youll need plenty of spare Nerf ammunition!

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