The Benefits of Ni MH 2 4v Batteries

Nickel-metal hydride, 2.4 volt (Ni MH 2 4v) batteries are the rechargeable batteries of choice for many electronic device manufacturers. These batteries are usually constructed to fit and power those electronic devices or a similar range of gadgets. If your device needs a particular 2.4 volt Ni-MH battery, there's no better place to look for one than on eBay. Many are displayed in the listings, with each mentioning the devices they're designed for or that they're compatible with.

Is it alright to buy on eBay 3rd-party, 2.4 volt, Ni-MH batteries?

Yes, if the eBay listing mentions that your device is compatible, then it's fine to use them rather than the brand originally included with the device. Keep in mind, too, that the capacity of the batteries makes a difference to their longevity between re-charging cycles. 3rd-party compatible batteries may offer higher or lower capacities at a higher or lower price. Fortunately, on eBay, it's easy to compare and decide who is offering the best value for money.

Why have so many device manufacturers chosen Ni-MH, 2.4 volt batteries?

Ni-MH, 2.4 volt batteries have various properties that make them suitable for many devices.

  • Power: Nickel-metal hydride batteries are suitable for high-drain devices, such as camera flash, where short bursts of high power are required.
  • Price: Nickel-metal hydride batteries are significantly cheaper than high-power lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Voltage stability: Unlike rechargeable battery types such as Ni-Cad batteries, or non-rechargeable batteries such as alkaline or zinc carbon types, Nickel metal hydride batteries, thanks to their low internal resistance, retain their full voltage until the battery is almost fully discharged. This keeps the devices that they're being used in fully operational for longer periods.
  • Good shelf life: Device manufacturers need to know that the batteries they supply with any device will be usable when the device is sold. Ni-MH batteries with their long shelf life ensure that will be the case.
Do Ni-MH, 2.4 volt batteries make good spares?

Due to their low self-discharge rate, Ni-MH 2.4 volt batteries can hold most of their charge for several years, so you can be confident that any spare you have will perform exactly as it should when it's needed. It's always a good idea to have a fully-charged spare. It enables continuous operation of your device as you can use the spare while the other is being recharged.