NICORETTE QuickMist Can Help to Ease You Off Nicotine Dependance

There is no single method for breaking free from nicotine addiction. Thankfully, there are products that can help you stop smoking for good. NICORETTE QuickMist is a compact tool that can help to curb cravings and decrease withdrawal symptoms for those who are trying to quit smoking, and it's available conveniently on eBay.

How often should you use NICORETTE QuickMist each day?

To discover how you should use the NICORETTE QuickMist, you should refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The following will outline the suggested use, but before you use the product, you should consult the manufacturer and a medical professional. The amount that you use can depend on how many cigarettes that you typically smoke per day. The directions indicate that you should spray one puff when you feel the craving for a cigarette. Typically, this translates to one or two sprays every 30 minutes. The manufacturer's packaging states that you should not exceed 64 sprays per day.

Does the NICORETTE QuickMist have a smell or taste?

The NICORETTE QuickMist delivers nicotine without the other additives that are in cigarettes. That makes them more pleasant for public use because they do not produce the offensive odour that cigarettes do. It is also available in two flavours, and the only aroma associated with its use is that of the two flavours. The available flavours are:

  • Fresh mint
  • Cool berry
Can you use the NICORETTE QuickMist indefinitely?

The manufacturer provides a table for suggested use week by week. The principle behind its use is to slowly reduce the number of sprays that you need as time passes. That decreases the amount of nicotine that you ingest until you don't require any full stop. The manufacturer suggests that you should not use the NICORETTE QuickMist for more than 12 weeks. It has been clinically observed to help individuals to quit smoking within the 12-week time frame. Consult the manufacturer, and possibly a medical professional, when determining how you should use the NICORETTE QuickMist.

Are NICORETTE QuickMists disposable?

The NICORETTE QuickMist is a disposable unit. They are easy to store and take with you wherever you go. The disposable nature of this quitting aid makes it convenient to have multiple units for the various parts of your life. That lets you keep one in your car, one at work, and one anywhere else, without worry. eBay has various sizes available, and each one can provide a specific number of sprays.

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