Represent Your Team With a Nigeria Football Shirt

A Nigeria football shirt lets you represent the Nigerian national football team and show off your team spirit. The shirts available come in several different styles and include uniforms worn during several different time periods. A variety of colours and patterns are used in the different shirts that are available on eBay. 

What are some of the shirt types available? 

You can purchase a new or second-hand Nigeria football shirt on eBay in a variety of different styles. At different points in the national team's history, the team has used several different shirt types during their matches. The selection covers many of the different time periods. In addition to regular player shirts, keeper shirts are also available. Keeper shirts all feature long sleeves and match the appearance of what Nigerian football keepers use during their matches. A brand logo may appear on the front side of the jersey as well since several different brands make Nigeria football shirts. Some of the different shirt types available include:  

  • Short-sleeve crew neck
  • Long sleeve
  • Polo
  • Short-sleeve V-neck

What are some of the different colours available? 

In addition to Nigeria green, there are several additional colours and patterns available on eBay. You can choose from jerseys that use one primary colour or others that have different designs and patterns on the sleeves and body. Some jerseys make use of geometric patterns throughout their designs to help the shirts really stand out. Others make use of stripes that may run along the sides of the shirt to highlight the primary colour used. In addition to brand names, there may also be decals present on the front side of the shirt that either identify a sponsor or that signify the national team status of the jersey. 

Are shirts representing specific players available? 

Yes, there are several options that let you wear the uniform of your favourite player. These give you a great way to represent both your favourite player and team at the same time. Availability of shirt types for specific players varies. Shirts of specific players come with the number that the player wears as well as the name of the player on the back side of the jersey. The number appears on both the front side and the back side of the jersey. The exact placement and font type used for names and numbers vary between individual jerseys.